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Top 10 iOS Resources

During my career as a professional iOS developer, I have read many books and watched a lot of tutorials. Of course, some resources are better than others. I will try to list 10 resources which I found to be very good when it comes to iOS development.

1) CS193p, by Stanford University

This course is held by Paul Hegarty and it’s awesome. If I were to name one course from which I learned iOS development that’s – CS193p. You have to know concepts like class, objects, object-oriented programming in order to follow it – but it’s really good. You can watch it via iTunes U – it’s free.

2. Hacking With Swift, by Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson is a brilliant developer and very passionate one. I suggest his website where you can find a lot of resources. Whether you’re a beginner, or you’re already a professional iOS developer – this website is ‘a must’!

3. iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This book is very good, especially for beginners since it starts from scratch, so to speak. You will learn a lot about memory management, how it’s handled, what’s happening under the hood. This is a really great resource.

4. Ray Wenderlich Book Series

Brilliant website: Just open the link and enjoy yourself. There are a lot of great tutorials as well as books. One of the good ones is from Marin Todorov, regarding iOS Animations.

5. Mastering MVVM with Swift, by Bart Jacobs

At some point, you will have to grasp those architectural design patterns and when it comes to iOS – MVVM is definitely one of them. This book is a very good resource for learning it. Bart Jacobs also has a great book for Core Data.

6. Beginning iOS Programming with Swift, by Simon Ng

For someone with a little background and just getting started with iOS development, this is probably a pretty good place to do so. Reader is building a fully functional iOS application and each chapter introduces a new feature.

7. Test Driven iOS Development with Swift 4, by Dr. Dominik Hauser

This book will help you understand the process of Test Driven Development and how to apply it to your apps written in Swift.

Through practical, real-world examples, you’ll learn how to implement TDD in context. Great resource to leverage your iOS knowledge!

8. Swift 4: Protocol-Oriented Programming, by John Hoffman

When it comes to Swift, in WWDC 2015, Apple engineer said ‘Don’t start with a class, start with a protocol.’ Protocol-Oriented Programming is a ‘continuation’ of Object-Oriented Programming and this book is a great introduction of POP.

9. Design+Code, by Meng To

Link: If you want to learn iOS development from a designer’s perspective, Meng To had a lot of fun while learning it. Check out his story. It’s a very good read:

10. The Swift Programming Language, by Apple

Of course, Apple’s book is a great resource!


Have a nice day! Enjoy reading!

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